CSAMi is a volunteer based educational Non-profit organization registered in the State of Michigan. It is specialized in promoting multi-cultural diversity in the community, particularly in Chinese language and culture. It strengthens the connections among member schools in the state and surrounding areas.


The Detroit Chinese Language & Culture Meetup Group


A nice place for people practising their Chinese or English. Help people learn from cultured people from across the globe on how to speak Chinese.

特别说明:该meetup group主要面向对汉语有兴趣的国际友人。您如果希望参与本地华人的meetup活动,请考虑加入底特律地区的另外一个华人meetup group: The Metro Detroit Chinese Meetup Group









大温莎中国人协会,(英文:The Chinese Association of Greater Windsor, 简称CAGW) 成立于1997年9月20日。大温莎中国人协会是在安大略省注册的、非政治、非盈利、非宗教性的独立组织,为大温莎地区的华人和朋友提供服务。

温莎中国人协会的下属机构包括: 理事会, 策略顾问委员会, 中文学校, 少年武术班, 温心合唱团, 腰鼓队, 交谊舞班, 太极拳班, 醒狮队, 健美瑜伽班, 排球队, 健美舞蹈班, 桥牌俱乐部, 东方神韵俱乐部, 摄影俱乐部和夕阳红分会. 协会理事会为大温莎中国人协会的管理执行机构.

大温莎中国人协会的所有工作人员,包括协会主席和所有理事会理事, 策略顾问委员会委员, 以及其他所属机构的管理和支持者, 都为志愿工作人员.所有的理事及积极分子,都是没有任何工资、任何报酬的义工. 大家凭着自己的理念与热情,义务为华人社区服务.我们也欢迎您的参与,

§ 促进华人社会的团结和友谊;维护华人的合法权益;为华人在加拿大社会中的发展创造条件;并尽其所能为社区中有困难者提供慈善性服务。
§ 为华人成为加拿大社会中积极的、有贡献的成员努力。
§ 增进华人与所在地的加拿大人及其他族裔居民之间的友谊和文化交流。
§ 促进中国和加拿大之间在文化教育、经贸和科技的交流和发展。


§ 交流情感和信息;
§ 发出自己的声音,尤其是在遇到与我们切身相关的大事时;
§ 参与华人社区和加拿大社会的活动,逐步融入主流社会;
§ 在困难的时候求得帮助。事实证明,团体的力量是大于个人的;
§ 开展文化娱乐活动,保持继承文化语言等传统;
§ 借用一个平台、一个网络来宣传、推广、发展个人特长。



The Chinese Association of Greater Windsor (CAGW) was established on September 20, 1997 and it is a non-profit, non-political organization registered in the province of Ontario. It serves the Chinese Community in the Greater Windsor Area, and provides an avenue for other ethnic groups to understand Chinese culture and history in order to promote the mutual understanding and friendly relationships with them.
The CAGW consists of the Executive Committee (now with 18 committee members), the Advisory Committee (mainly composed of former Executive Committee members), and over a dozen of different clubs including the Lion-Dancing Club, the Waist-Drum Club, the Seniors’ Club, and the Chinese Language and Culture Class, the main objectives of which are to promote Chinese traditional culture and values and to provide an conducive environment for newly arrived Chinese immigrants to integrate into the Canadian society.
The CAGW has been committed to promote the unity of local Chinese communities, to help protect their interests, to assist those in needs, and to help build stronger and better relationships between Canada and China. The CAGW organizes at least two major celebrations every year, including the Chinese Moon Festival Gala and the Chinese Spring Festival Gala, which have built strong reputation in Windsor. The CAGW is also a regular participant of Canada Day’s Parade every July, in addition to organizing or co-organizing many charitable events such as the Charity Party for Haiti Earthquake, the Charity Party for Sichuan Earthquake, and other similar events.

[本文转自大温莎华人协会网站 http://www.mycagw.org/cagwbbs/portal.php?mod=view&aid=1]


Founded in 1972, ACA is the Detroit Chapter of the OCA, which has chapters throughout the United States.
ACA's mission: dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States.

ACA's goals:

  • Promote active participation of Chinese/Asian Pacific Americans in both civic and national matters
  • Secure social justice, equal opportunity and equal treatment of Asian Pacific Americans
  • Bridge the social, economic gaps among the Asian Americans
  • Eliminate prejudices, stereotypes of Asian Pacific Americans
  • Promote the cultural heritage of Chinese and all Asian and Pacific Islander Americans
  • Promote coalition building between Asians and mainstream organizations
  • Serve the community through education and service regardless of race, creed and ethnicities
  • Maintain effective communication with ACA members and the community at large
4750 Woodward Avenue, Ste. 211, Detroit, MI 48201



Together we advance in technology and career
Promote technical excellence and innovations in science and engineering. Provide a global network for technology, business, and cultural exchange Disseminate information on career and business opportunities Promote cultural awareness and the value of diversity in society.



Chinese Association of Greater Detroit was established in 1992. CAGD is a non-profit and non-religious independent organization registered in the State of Michigan. The association is primarily comprised of professionals with Chinese heritage working and living in the Greater Detroit area, but it is also non-exclusive to people from other parts of the world.

Most CAGD members are professionals with advanced degrees, including executives, professors, researchers, and engineers. Members are distributed in the “Big Three” auto-makers, auto component suppliers, engineering R & D firms, finance companies and universities. CAGD members are with a strong Chinese cultural background and high professional caliber.

Currently, CAGD is the largest Chinese Community group in the Greater Detroit area. CAGD has grown into a 2300-member organization since 1992. CAGD has been actively promoting Chinese image and cultural heritage to the American mainstream and also catering to the need and interests of its members by providing professional seminars, hosting social and culturally entertaining events, organizing annual public charity events such as “Soup Kitchen” in downtown Detroit;. CAGD has also been actively reaching out for a community unity by working together with other Chinese community organizations and co-organizing many events that are value-added to the community. CAGD has active interactions with regional community organizations such as Detroit Chamber of Commerce, American Chinese Association, Coalition of Chinese American Organizations, Michigan Chinese Women Association, Ford Chinese Association, etc. CAGD also has a close and regular communication with various governmental, industrial, and academic organizations back in China.

Most major CAGD events get a strong support from corporations such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Compuware, DTE Energy, Delphi, Johnson Control, Metlife, Northwest Airlines, University of Detroit Mercy, AlliedSignal, Ameritech etc. and many other individual business people or units. CAGD also has regular contacts with various regional governmental offices and news media.

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